Intellitec Product Line At A Glance
Type Description
Battery Disconnect Relays 100 & 200 amp relays used to disconnect load from batteries. Coils draw no current except when being pulsed on or off. Use with our switch panels or your own. Our switch panels come in one or two battery versions w/ optional voltmeter.
Battery Charge Controllers Controls charging of two batteries. Systems available for use with one or two charge sources.
Fuse Blocks "Finished Look" fuse blocks designed to be used where they will be readily visible.
Smart Blocks Fuse blocks, which can include various functions such as automatic interior lighting, TV and Radio loads. Can also include battery rundown protection and Monoplex or multiplex (see below) control of attached loads.
Battery Control Centers Combines various combinations of the above three functions in one box.
Battery Guards Automatically disconnects batteries before they are no longer capable of starting the vehicle.
Transfer Relays Switches from shore to generator power. Includes delay to allow generator to come up to speed without being under load.
Energy Management Systems Monitors current draw from AC power source. Postpones less essential loads to keep from overloading source. Control panels have AC ammeter to allow monitoring of all loads. Additional module allows sharing of two loads on one breaker.
Lighting Controls Includes high side and low side PWM dimmers, timers, faders, daytime running lights, cornering lights, cargo lights and timed touch sensor controls.
Generator Controls The Generator Logic Control starts and stops generator at preset time, temperature or battery voltage.
Monoplex Allows single wire control from multiple locations, if desired, of a number of different load types including water pumps, generators (diesel and gas), radios, sofas and slide outs.
Multiplex Using a three wire control system (Hot, Signal and Ground) inputs can be acquired from a number of sources and switched to a number of outputs. Since control of an entire vehicle can be accomplished over the same three wires and high current power is only run to output modules, a substantial savings in wiring and weight can be achieved.

Systems come in several flavors. One tailored for mini-busses, one for simple switching and dimming and one that is fully programmable allowing for complex combinations of inputs and outputs.

Input and output modules are available in various combinations of 10 inputs and outputs. Specialty modules are available for specific controls.

Monitor Panels Can monitor fresh water, gray water and black water tanks with four wires instead of the customary twelve.

Uses unique AC probe current to help eliminate corrosion of probes due to electrolysis and false readings due to build up inside tanks.

Odds & Ends Various items not mentioned above include a pan and tilt camera system, an emergency time management system and a wheel chair lift interlock system.
Notes: Intellitec can build electronic sub systems to your specifications.
We are always looking for new ideas.
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